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Our History

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PAPUA KONSERVASI DAN KOMUNITAS is the non-profit wing of Papua Bird Club. Papua Bird Club was founded as a non-profit organization in 1995 by Kris Tindige, a world-renowned expert in Papuan avifauana and a pioneer in recognizing the value of ecotourism as a conservation and community development tool in Papua. Kris realized that the local Papuan communities' intimate knowledge of their forests and the life within was their most valuable resource. His strategy was to generate income and employment opportunities for local Papuans by promoting  birding ecotourism  in Papua and actively engaging the local communities in ecotours through work as guides, porters, cooks, and other key roles. At the same time, Kris's wife Valentina Shita Prativi channeled the money generated by ecotourism back into the community by way of providing educational scholarships, alternative education programs, and improvement in facilities and equipment.

After Kris's unfortunate passing in 2007, Shita took on the added responsibility of leading birding tours as Kris had done, in order to maintain the opportunities provided by the steady stream of ecotourism.

Since that time, the parent organization Papua Bird Club has evolved into two daughter organizations: Magnificus Expeditions, the commercial organization that brings birding ecotours to Papua, and Papua Konservasi dan Komunitas, the non-profit wing that uses these ecotourism activities as opportunities for employment, income, education, and community development. These two daughter organizations work hand-in-hand to promote forest conservation and community development in Papua.

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